Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sunbury, OH to Findley State Park, OH (82 miles)

We had a great day riding today. Our spirits were high, and we started the day well by both having a chocolate milk and a coffee six miles in.

We later stopped at a great diner on our route, and had another coffee and a delicious piece of caramel nut apple pie. It was definitely the best since the piece we had in Big Sur near the start of the trip. Yum!

In the early afternoon we rode into an intense storm; the rain was coming down really hard and thunder and lightening was all around us. However with our waterproof jackets on it just added to the atmosphere, and we rode on. The storm blew over a few minutes later.

Part of our day was spent in Armish country. We rode past several horse and carts, one of which we were excited to be fast enough to overtake.


  1. Y'all are killin' it. Glad to see you still going! I ended up doing a trip to the Midwest to go mushroom hunting (and did very well), and then another trip to Albuquerque. In ABQ I bought an Eagle - a reverse penny farthing.

    Hope to see you guys again sometime! Keep up the great work.

  2. Make sure you use your blinkers when you are passing those buggies and don't "beep" at the horses if they are too slow and blocking your lane. Sounds like you are really out of the South now, and just need to go a little further North before turning right and heading to New England. Can't wait!!!!!
    And PS to Blaise if he is reading your blog: HI from Gerry