Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Clarksville, TN to Center City, KY (67 miles)

We had a slow start to the day after staying up late doing some bike maintenance; my rear tire and brake pads had worn out and had to be replaced. Around 9.30 we finally headed out and stopped by a local greasy spoon called Moss's Cafe. The eggs and toast really hit the spot, but didn't quite quench our cycling appetites so we picked up a few pastries at a bakery next door (the first one we've seen in a long time) before hitting the road.

We were about ten miles down the road when we passed by 'southern maid donuts' and had to go in to try their finest. The woman working there was so excited about us riding our bikes across country that she gave us two dozen donuts for free. We're about half way through them - what a day of gluttony!

We passed into Kentucky around the twenty mile mark and shortly after the country side became really pretty. We were in Armish country (but unfortunately didn't see any) and rode through fields of wheat with old barns scattered about.

After many miles of rolling hills we ended the day on a 6 mile rail trail to get us to our campsite. Riding without having to worry about cars at all was a great way to end the day.

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