Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fulton, MS to Collinwood, TN (85 miles)

Gerry finished his ride across the country yesterday morning when he dipped his tire in the Atlantic Ocean in Florida. He's ridden a huge number of miles the past few days, I think he did over a century a day for four days!

Lindsey and I headed out of Fulton early this morning, and about twenty hilly miles in made it to the Natchez Trace Parkway. Several people we'd talked to earlier in our trip had recommended this road, which follows the same trade route American Indians have used for centuries. The parkway is a 444 mile long road that's closed to commercial traffic, and has park land on each side of it. Traffic is light, the surface is great, it's beautiful, and best of all there are no houses on it - so no dogs to terrorize us!

We enjoyed riding on it so much that we've decided to change our route and take it to it's end in Nashville, where we'll work our way back to our planned route. This way we'll also stay further away from the rivers around here which have been flooding

The trace (as locals call it) took us into Collinwood Tennessee, where we're camped behind the visitors center. On to a warm showers in Nashville tomorrow night. Yay!


  1. I'll be in Alabama Friday. Just missing you guys by one week and we could've shared a little southern experience together! Glad you guys are getting so close, can't wait to see you both!

  2. Great news about Gerry's arrival in Florida,and the trace sounds idyllic compared to some of the terrain you've come across so far. Happy trails, all the best!