Sunday, May 1, 2011

Lafayette, LA to Patterson, LA (73 miles)

We felt really fresh on the bikes today after our day off yesterday. The day started with the best breakfast of our trip yet at Mel's diner in Lafayette. The pancakes were some of the best we've ever had, and the biscuits (which for the aussies reading this, are pretty much plain scones made with extra butter) were absolutely awesome. We pigged out and left feeling ready to tackle the 15mph headwind which was blowing.

Other than the food, the highlight of the day was the old mansions that we passed (some were 1850 era). They were extravagant and beautiful, and had the most fantastic trees in their yards. We promise to take some photos of them tomorrow.

We got eaten alive by Mosquitos at our camp site tonight, i don't think i've ever seen so many before. Even with deet on, they were biting us through our clothes. Yikes!


  1. Hey, sounds like you guys are having a ball! Except for the mozzies.... It is getting cold here..., so no more mozzies, too cold for them!
    Joe, how is it that you have to train for the marathon? I assume you are super fit from all the Kms?
    Anyway, been thinking of you guys, and finally got on to your blog!

    Love ya, Rosemary :-)

  2. Hey Rosemary,
    Riding so much will definitely help my running, but I still need to train to be able to finish the marathon. Hopefully it'll be smooth sailing tho :-)

    Love Joe xox