Monday, May 16, 2011

Nashville, TN to Clarksville, TN (57 miles)

We got a nice slow start to our day with mocha lattes, bagels and cereal then hit the wet pavement once again. It seems as if a little rain cloud is traveling jut above us despite the forecast calling for a 20% chance of rain. No real complaints here though, I much prefer this cool rainy weather to the stinkin hot humidity we had last week. Plus it makes the rain gear we've been lugging across the country seem useful!

Fun fact: Tenessee is not flat. Though we had a short day mileage-wise, we hit some tough terrain. Each hill seemed to get longer and steeper than the last and they didn't ease up until the last 5 miles of the day.

Our good fortune seems to continue as another warmshowers host has taken us in despite our very short notice. Tonight we have our own studio apartment in this lovely family's carriage house behind their home. It seems to good to be true to be sleeping in a bed for a second night in a row. Our host Lawson is extremely interesting and quite the history buff. His family several generations back were slave owners! He and his family collaborate with decedents of the slaves in hopes of mending bridges and opening up the dialog between the two groups that for so many years has remained off limits. Really fascinating stuff. He also helped us fine tune our route to meet back up with our original maps and gave us lots of tips on where we should eat along the way!!

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