Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cincinnati, OH to South Charleston, OH (78 miles)

We heard a tornado warning siren for the first time last night, which slightly freaked us out. However Anne reassured us that it is a routine occurrence which had always just resulted in a storm passing through.

When we woke this next morning (with no sign of the tornado) we were treated to a delicious breakfast of eggs, bagels, fruit and yogurt. Yum!

We spent the day riding on beautiful rail trails; the Little Miami Creek Trail and Ohio to Erie trail. The first trail was surrounded by thick green foliage; it felt like we were riding through our own personal road in the middle of a forrest. I'm not sure if the best part of the rail trails is the lack of hills or the lack of traffic. Either way it's nice relaxed cycling!

We're camped in a small town tonight behind an old caboose just off the rail trail.

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