Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Providence, AL to Cochrane, AL (80 miles)

We had a bit of a rough start to the day; we tried to shave a few miles off by taking a shortcut but the surface of the road we took ended up turning into dirt and then sand. Having the rear wheel of our loaded bikes fish tail around the road for about 3 miles wasn't such an awesome way to start off... lesson learned (again!) on picking our own route with google maps.

When we hit the main road our spirits picked up as we rode through beautiful countryside. We passed many small farms with horses, cows and goats. We have been keeping a close eye our for more alligators but haven't spotted any yet.

We arrived at our campsite feeling a bit worn out today after riding in the 90 degree heat. The campsite host (Brenda) really made us feel special - bringing us iced tea and offering firewood for the night. She also gave us a tip for an all you can eat southern buffet in town for tomorrow - can't wait!

Gerry is in Tallahassee, FL after riding about 70 miles today.

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