Monday, May 9, 2011

Coffeeville, AL to Providence, AL (67 miles)

Today's route was mainly through the rural back roads of Alabama. The hills were frequent and steep for the first 40 miles or so and became rolling in the afternoon. The gas station/cafe we stopped at for a lunch break invited us in to the amazing air-conditioning to eat our sandwiches even though we didn't buy their food. Southerners sure are friendly!

Several miles down the road we came across a home that must have been struck by a recent tornado. It was an amazing sight, the lot was empty besides some snapped trees and the splintered remains of the house and it's contents were scattered on the opposite side of the road!!

Besides the sweltering heat and humidity, the other thing that sticks out about the South is the unbelievably loud noise that comes from the cicadas and frogs. It is almost deafening as we ride through certain sections of road!!

Gerry went 100 miles again today (wow!), and is in Cottondale, FL. We told him he has to stop making us look bad with his high milage days!!

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