Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cypress Creek Landing, MS to Coffeeville, AL (103 miles)

Yay, we did another century!! This one was a bit tougher than the last as we are back into hilly terrain. The roads wound us through the lush green forests of Desoto National Park. Around mile 75 we entered Alambama, our 7th state! All was fine and dandy until about mile 90....the road we were on suddenly changed to an unpaved dirt road. Who would have guessed that "Blue Dirt Rd." wouldn't be paved? Not only was it not blue, it was more like deep sand followed by mud, followed by gravel, followed by red sand, follwed by yellow rocky dirt... you get the point. It was a trecherous 10 miles that left us wondering if we would make it to our campsite before dark.

We did in fact make it to a lovely campsite on the Tombigbee River outside of Coffeeville just before the sun began to go down. The mosquitos continue to terrorize us which makes me never want to leave the tent once we get to camp. Perhaps I need more DEET...

Gerry update: tonight he is camping at Blackwater State Park in Florida after about a 100 mile day! He rode the whole day in his bathing suit which was more conducive to jumping in the ocean every 10 miles or so.

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