Sunday, May 29, 2011

Findley State Park to Hudson, OH (53 miles)

We made it!!! Just kidding, we went through Boston, OH...

Friday we rode a nice easy day into quaint little Hudson. We stayed with a really lovely warmshowers couple named Heather and John. Heathers father was also in town. We joined them for dinner and enjoyed their company.

We took our day off yesterday and spent most of our time at the library planning out the remainder of our trip. We has some great burgers for lunch and washed them down with spiked milkshakes. Joe had apple pie with bourbon and I had fig with BACON infused vodka. It was pretty weird but had to be tried. We went out to dinner with Heather and John for Mexican. Mmm, what a splurge of a day!!

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  1. We really enjoyed meeting you guys! Have a blast on the remainder of your trip and best of luck with everything.