Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Central City, KY to Hawesville, KY (71 miles)

Today was a fairly easy day of cycling. The hills have eased up and the terrain was mostly gentle and rolling then flat as a pancake. It seems our timing has been quite good as far as avoiding natural disasters is concerned on this trip north. You can tell by the mud and plant debris that until just a few days ago, every road and field next to it was flooded. According to locals, some roads were 10 feet under water just a week ago. There appear to be thousands of acres of crops ruined.

We passed several coal factories ( at least I think they were something like that?) All I know is that tons of truck filled with coal were flying by us all morning and smoke stacks were billowing into the sky all across the horizon.

Tonight we are camping at Vastwood Park with a lovely spot next to the lake. Tomorrow looks like it will be very hilly again so we better get our beauty rest!!

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