Sunday, May 8, 2011

Pass Christian, LA to Cypress Creek Campground, LA (68 miles)

Today started with 10 beautiful miles riding along the gulf coast beach; white sand, pancake flat water and the town just waking up as we were riding along.

When we arrived at Gulfport we had a sad moment; Gerry parted ways with us to continue east to Florida, while we're now going to head north up towards Boston. It's been great all riding together since San Diego - hopefully we'll do a few more days of cycling together when we get up to Massachusetts. We'll post an update of where Gerry is each night here.

Lindsey and I headed north and eventually entered De Soto National Forest, which is known for it's pine trees and snakes (we saw none of the latter fortunately). We're camped in the forest by a river, which we had a very refreshing swim in before calling it a day.

We heard from Gerry and he made it 89 miles east from our starting point.

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  1. Sending congratulatory hugs and kisses to you all! It must be very hard to persist - especially with hills, unmade roads and mozzies. Hope you are all remembering the sunscreen - espcially Gerry, riding in his swimsuit. lots of love from Carmel