Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Donaldsonville, LA to New Orleans, LA ( 73 miles)

Tonight we have a guest blogger, the one and only Gerry Frank:

Route 18.......from the Sunshine bridge to the French Quarter of N.O. once again, brought to you by the hard work of Team Frollard and our carb sponsors the Feinberg-Eddys at Coop's restaurant for dinner tonight.
Route 18 wandered along the West side of the river, alongside the levies, with plenty of sugar cane farms, old plantation mansions and historical markers to all the great men who fought for the Confederacy and the great things the South stood for. We then crossed the mighty Mississippi with a breath taking ride over the Veterans Memorial Bridge and finished our ride into N.O. on a bike trail along the shores of Lake Pocasomething. A hot shower, dinner thanks to our sponsor, dessert at the Cafe du Monde, some music on French St. and then we will set up our tents in an empty lot in West NO..

PS: Even though there will not be any miles conquered tomorrow, sponsorships for tomorrow night's dinner (or any other night) are still available by contacting this blog site.


  1. My class said I should buy you guys dinner for you guys so put tonights dinner on my credit card.love Mom

  2. Remember:

    — A cyclist can travel 1,037km (644 miles) on the energy equivalent of one litre of petrol

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    — A cyclist consumes 1/50th of the oxygen of a car making the same journey

    — A twice daily half-hour commute will, over a year, consume the energy equivalent of 24lb of fat

    — In 1949, 34 per cent of all mechanised journeys were made by bicycle. Fifty years later that figure had fallen to 2 per cent

    — The rate of serious heart disease for civil servants who cycle 20 miles or more a week is 50 per cent lower than for their sedentary colleagues

    Source: Somerset County Council