Tuesday, December 28, 2010

G'day mates!

We are settling in to Aus quite nicely. We have kept very busy these first few days visiting Joe's family around Melbourne.

At his mums we got to see all the new baby alpacas. They are all so curious, especially little Frankie!

The mommies give their babies lots of kisses,

Nicholas was born closest to Christmas so he got the name Saint Nick
Frankie has a little feed:
My lovely lovely sister-in-law and I had a walk around the farm
What a beautiful place!
We finished off the day with some yummy Aussie Christmas favorites Pavlova and Christmas pudding....mmmmmm
The next morning we got to see TWO alpacas give birth. Here was the first
Just a few hours later he was up and frolicking around!

Back in Melbourne at Joe's dads house we took the super pup to the beach for a morning swim:

This is clearly the highlight of their day: