Monday, May 16, 2011

Collinwood, TN to Nashville, TN (93 miles)

Yesterday was a really great day of cycling. The Natchez Trace was such a pleasure to ride on; the cars are few between and very courteous, the surface is perfect the scenery is great. About 30 miles out of Nashville we encountered a couple groups of road cyclist that tagged along to chat with us for 5 miles or so each. It really helped the miles fly by! 20 miles from the end of the day, our warmshowers host, Bill, met up with us to show us the way home.

Though there were lots of big hills and cold rainy weather, we made it to Bill and Sam's beautiful home on the outskirts of Nashville. We were greeted with warm brownies and cold beer. Heaven!! After sitting down to a feast, Bill and Sam helped us plan our route for the next few days and we got into a bed with the softest sheets and real pillows. It amazes me how one night inside a cozy house revives you from a week of camping in damp gear.


  1. You should consider staying there for about 6 days..... I'll be in Nashville Monday :)

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