Friday, April 1, 2011

Sierra Blanca, TX to Kent, TX (73 miles)

The scenery was fairly plain today, we rode along the interstate and service roads to our destination in Kent. We crossed another timezone during our ride, so we're now in central time.

Greg road with us all day, and I think he's probably going to stick with us for a bit longer. He's a building contractor and rode across the middle of America when he was younger.

Lindsey and I both had a puncture - we think the culprit is bits of metal from blown out tires on interstate. Puncture tally is now, Joe: 3, Lindsey: 3, Gerry: 4.

After setting up camp off the side of a quiet side road we had a visit from 3 guys in cowboy hats. All drunk and very friendly, apparently on their way out to see some naked women dance (at a truck stop in the middle of no-where). They did a burnout on their way out, screaming yee-haw... Ah Texas!

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