Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ingram, TX to Blanco, TX (69 miles)

Today felt really easy after the hills yesterday. It was fairly flat with pretty countryside, and we saw our first longhorn bull. Their horns were huge - about 6 feet (we took a photo but it was on our camera, not our phone, so we'll have to post it later).

There was a river at our campsite tonight, and we all went in for a dip after the ride. It felt amazing after riding all day in the 98 degree heat (37C).

Chris is still riding us, which has been great. He's always really positive and knows much more about bikes than we do. He broke a spoke today so we learned how to replace one in case we run into the same problem.

On to Austin tomorrow!


  1. Wonderful picture of "the gang" -- happy trails!

  2. When do you think you'll make it back to Mass? Can't wait to see you!!