Thursday, April 14, 2011

Marathon, TX to Langtry, TX (120 miles)

What a massive day! We rode our first century today, and are all very tired! Our spirits were high at the 100 mile mark; we all counted down the final mile and let out a big cheer when we made it. The next 20 miles really took it out of us.

We were initially only going to ride 55 miles to Sanderson, but we got there before 1pm and saw a fire had just started up on a ridge above town. We quickly decided to head on and try to make it all the way to Langtry.

With the wind at our backs, we continued on through the Texas desert. Rolling hills, with surprisingly lots of green bushes off to each side of the road. It's ranch country out here (rumor has it George W. comes out here to hunt), and we rode past many that had small camouflaged building for hunters to wait in for unfortunate deer to wonder by.

We're camping tonight behind the activity center in Langtry - a secluded spot that's nice and quiet (but has confederate flags flying nearby).

Lindsey's leg held up well, but is very stiff now. We will be taking it pretty easy tomorrow.


  1. Hi guys,
    We're all glad to hear the Lindsey is well enough to get back in the saddle. Judging by your picture, you look great. Big hugs to all! love Regina, Burt, Amelia, Lily, Cooper

  2. Wow, if that was Lindsey gradually getting back in to it! What does a hard day look like? Not surprisingly you are all tired and poor Lindsey is very stiff. It's not a race is it? Be sure to stop to smell the roses occasionally on the next leg. Lots of love from the two of us and Bosley, Nessa, Midnight and all the paca gang. xoxox

  3. Did you hear the rumor that the Visitor's Center in Langtry may be closing due to budget cuts? I'm wondering what impact that would have on cyclists like yourselves. Would it end the route?