Saturday, April 23, 2011

Austin, TX to Le Grange, TX (80 miles)

We were really excited to be back on the road again today after two days off in Austin - after spending most of the past few months on the road we feel a little antsy staying in one place for long.

Today was a tough day of riding. Moe had been taking our luggage in her car for the past week (thanks Moe!), but she left to head back home today so we were on our own. We had a headwind for most of the day, which really picked up for the last 20 miles.

The highlight of the day's riding was going through Bastrop state park (picture below). We pretty much had the road to ourselves, which meandered through dense pine forrest and a few lakes. What a great change from being in the desert just a few days ago.

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  1. My hunny looks cute with his new shirt and socks,looks like a real biker.