Saturday, April 2, 2011

Kent, TX to McDonald Observatory, TX (37 miles)

A short but hard day today. We gained about 2000 feet of elevation, riding into a headwind with a max temperature of 97f (36c). We lost Greg somewhere along the way, he was struggling with the hills and flagged down a passing car for a lift.

John, our warmshowers host tonight is a really interesting guy. He works at the Observatory as an Engineer, and gave us a special tour of both telescopes. Apparently the observatory here is one of the best dark sky observatories in the US - which is why he had to drive us around with the headlights turned off. It was great hearing from a geek who's so passionate about his work.

We also had am encounter with some havellinas (a type of wild pig) today. While riding along we saw three of them running off in the opposite direction by the side of the road.

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  1. When I taught third grade we studied havelinas.Did you get a picture?Dad must of loved the observatory.