Friday, April 29, 2011

DeRidder, LA to Mamou, LA (61 miles)

We were all very excited about goign to Mamou, as it's claim to fame was being the Cajun music capital of the world.  When we arrived in town we tried to book into a hotel (a nice change!), but found out the rooms were much more expensive than we'd planned.  Lindsey ended up asking someone in town if there was anywhere closeby that we could camp, and was lucky enough to have picked someone in the town council to talk to.  They offered up the town square (after first clearing it with the Mayor and police), so we ended up camping in the heart of town.

They even arranged us to have a shower in the local police station, which was a little weird, but very much appreciated after a long day of riding.  We had some delicious cat fish po-boy's for dinner next door, then had an early night.

We heard from the locals that there's a great music festival on right now about 50 miles away in Lafayette, so we're going to head there today.

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