Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tornillo, TX to Sierra Blanca, TX (61 miles)

Great day of riding. We had a tail wind that pushed us back up to 5500 ft or so  to Sierra Blanca. As we continue to hug the Mexican border there is no shortage of border control vehicles passing us on the road. We counted over 20 today!! We even had to pass through a border inspection station on the highway this afternoon.

It is amazing how just about every town we pass through is abandoned. You can see the ghost town we had lunch in in the first picture.

We have continues to cross paths with another man named Greg who is also riding the southern tier route. He splurged and got a motel room tonight and let us all stop by and have a shower since we are camping in the town park. That is where I noticed the little critter in the second photo....a scorpion eek! Once we were all smelling a bit better we hit the town for some fantastic Texas BBQ at a place called Curly's (mom you would be so proud; we used a coupon!).


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