Thursday, April 28, 2011

Silsbee, TX to Deridder, LA (81 miles)

We have finally made it out of Texas! We're all really happy to have it behind us; even though it did get quite pretty over the past few days. It took about 50 miles of riding today before we hit the border. 

Just after crossing the border I checked on my phone and found out that I was selected in the New York City marathon lottery!  I think the chances of being selected were about one in six, so I wasn't expecting it at all. The marathon is on November
6th, and as I don't think we're going to finish our ride until mid to late June, I'm going to have to start doing a little bit of running after our rides on some days.  I'm really excited for it!

We're staying in a campground tonight where they have baby ducks, kittens, and puppies. Lindsey is in heaven!

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  1. Great to hear about Joe's marathon news.Guess you will need to spend time on the East Coast to train.Love Mom