Sunday, April 17, 2011

Let the spoiling begin!!!

Sat: Comstock,TX to Brackettville,TX (68 miles)
Sat morning we woke up before the sun came up to get a head start knowing that once the wind picked up around 9 it was going to be pushing against us. Sure enough, my tire went flat less than a mile down the road. We lost a good chunk of time fixing it and ended up battling a killer head wind alllll morning. By the time we reached Del Rio 30 miles away we were all exhausted and getting cranky. We saw an Applebees at the start of town and practically ran in the door so we could sit at table out of the wind for an hour. With full bellies we decided to tackle the second half of our day (though pulling into the nearest campground was debated).

The rest of our ride turned out to be significantly less grueling. The terrain began to change for the first time in weeks. We saw trees! Not only was it a pleasant to have a change of scenery but it also helped to block the wind. We camped out in Fort Springs, a beautiful of fort now privately owned and converted into a living community. We were surrounded by deer and beautiful birds and even more more desert!!

Sun: Bracketville, TX to Camp Wood, TX (48 miles)

Today was a beautiful ride through the beginning of Texas hill country. Trees continue to line the road and it seems we are finally past the flat dry desert.

The highlight of our day was meeting up with mom! She flew in to Austin this morning and has rented a car for the week of her April school vacation. We all had a great meal out and are excited to ride our bikes with no luggage tomorrow. I'm sure she will be spoiling us not only by taking our gear but having lunch ready for us too.

We have another beautiful campsite tonight right on a river. We met another cyclist, Chris, who is heading in our direction and might ride with us for a few days.



  1. Great to read your latest blog and to hear that you haven't been blown away. There was a major news item here about tornadoes in southern USA - assume that is no where near you. Hope Moe enjoys her time with you all and that she is sure to takes time to relax. Pass on big Aussie hugs from the two of us. sending you all lots of love, hugs and kisses xoxox

  2. Moms are GREAT for spoiling, and you have the best one for that! So glad to hear that you, Joe, and your dad are all doing well as your trek continues -- give your best to your mom for me! oxox

  3. Bring it on! You guys are rocketing along, you are half way to Boston... I was hoping to get over for a leg of the journey, now I'm thinking you guys are going to be back at camp Dudley before I get there!!!