Wednesday, March 30, 2011

El Paso, TX to Tornillo, TX (30 miles)

Short day today. We ate enough Mexican food that we weren't even hungry for dinner. We actually tried two different restaurants for lunch.  Both had amazingly fresh tortillas that wrapped up $1.95 burritos.

Tonight we are camping at Hideaway Lakes RV Park which is only about 0.5 mile from the Mexican border. What a rip off this place is. $8 each and there aren't even showers. It is a building with a disgusting bathroom in the middle of a farm. Not quite the same as the pool and hot tub we got last night for the same price. AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS if you are planning a cross Texas cycle trip! Surprisingly we are the only people here...

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  1. I feel your pain! $20 for the worst campground I've ever been to, frightened for my life: