Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Seeley to Palo Verde ( 92.05 miles!!)

What a whopper of a day!!! We woke up this morning to the most beautiful sunrise over the lake we manage to sneak off and camp by last night. After fueling up on all you can eat pancakes and coffee at Denny's about 8 miles down the road we hit the road running.

About 20 miles in we left the last town we'd see for the day and cruised through the desert. The sand dunes were amazing. Apparently people come from all over the country to ride off road vehicles so there was a bit of a motocross show to see.

Next we gently climbed over the Chocolate Mountains (yes we ate chocolate at the top) then rolled across the hills at the top until our descent into Palo Verde.

We set up camp at a lovely little riverside county park and are about to eat as much food as we can fit in our mouths!

Stats for the day:

  • Miles: 92.05 (our record!!)

  • Max temp: 118

  • Hours pedaling: 7:04:28

  • Pancakes eaten: 17

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