Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Day 13 - Pine valley to Seeley (70 miles)

What a varied day! We started out with fairly hilly terrain for the first 30 miles, which skirted the Mexican border. Probably saw a hundred or so border patrol cars during the day, along with two checkpoints.

We stopped in Jacumba just before lunch and relaxed in some hot springs and swimming pool (what an odd small town, it's best days are definitely behind it). Straight after lunch we realized Lindsey's tire had a puncture (2nd between us for the trip), so hung around a bit longer to sort it out.

We then had an awesome 7 mile descent at 6% grade (along the interstate - yikes) to take us into the desert.

20 or 30 miles of riding down quiet desert roads and we reached our destination for the day - a park at Sunbeam lake.

Looks like no services tomorrow for about 60 miles - should be interesting!

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