Saturday, June 4, 2011

Port Byron, NY to Rome, NY (80 miles)

We started the day right today by treating ourselves to breakfast out at the Port Byron diner.  It's great being in diner country again - huge portions of really tasty (and greasy!) food really cheap.  I've been excited for Carl's Diner near Lindsey's folks place since near the start of the trip; they take big portions to the next level - a few quotes from yelp: "Omlettes so big they give you internal bleeding" and "the birthplace of cholesterol".  Can hardly wait for it to start our last day of riding in a week!

The ride today was really flat with a gentle 5mph tail wind, however Lindsey and I both struggled as we were both pretty tired from the start.  It felt like we were riding through suburubs all day.  Hopefully tomorrow will be nicer.

We hit a milestone near the end of our ride today; 5000 miles since we left Berkeley!  Lindsey and I gave each other a high five to celebrate, and in the process of it nearly managed to crash into each other... no harm done though.


  1. Carl's is awesome! My mouth is watering just thinking about the breakfasts there!
    Congrats on 5000 miles. What a great thing to do together. Ian and I wish we had gone cross-country by bike or by car. Maybe someday. It's been fun following your travels. Wishing you a fun and safe last week of your trip!

  2. ......and a block and a half past Carl's dinner on your route is a Dunkin' Donut for "desert"!!!!!! But that being your last day, why not? After that though, it's back to normal eating or trouble.

  3. Wow 5000 miles - congratulations guys!!! Unbelievable. I'm so proud of you both your achievement is so inspiring :)

    We had better have a drink to celebrate!