Friday, June 10, 2011

Lee, MA to Hadley, MA (54 miles) and Hadley, MA to Dudley, MA (51 miles)

Yesterday Gerry rode out from Dudley to ride with us for the final few days of our trip. We met him just outside of Amherst and went to a few of Lindsey's favorite restaurants to celebrate the reuniting of team Frollard. At 'the loose goose' we had some awesome sandwiches, and then headed to 'the pub' where Lindsey used to work. A cold beer and a grapefruit vodka cocktail called the 'seabreeze' went down really well after the day of riding.

We then headed over to Kristen, Brian and baby Laney's house for the most amazing dinner. Brian is a butcher and great cook, and had prepared for us an amazing meal with prime rib, shrimp, pasta salad, and lamb. Delicious!!

We left Kristen'a house around 8 to start our short day to get to Dudley. We had hoped to drop by Moe's school to say hi to her students, but unfortunately Lindsey got a flat tire about ten miles from school, so we didn't make it. Hopefully the last flat of the trip, I think we've each had around 8 since we set out.

On to Boston to finish tomorrow!!!

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  1. Amazing ride! The adventurers are almost there! Take extra care on that last leg. Lots of love from Marilyn and me. xox