Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dudley, MA to Boston, MA (58 miles)

We made it!!!!! Ta daaaa!!! We donned our rain gear and set out for our last day of riding. Our first stop was at Carl's Diner in Oxford, MA. We impressed our waiter with the obscene quantity of food we consumed as most can barely clear 1/2 their plate and we licked ours. Little did he know, we have been training for that breakfast for 3 1/2 months.

The roads into Beantown were beautiful yet got busier as we got closer. Riding in the rain isn't the greatest but we were on a high of excitement (and chocolate chip pancakes). Soaking wet, we dipped our front wheel in the Atlantic Ocean at Carson beach in South Boston.

It feels so good to be done though I'm sure we will get pretty antsy in a day or 2. For now we are going to do some relaxing and eating to replenish our bodies.

Final stats:

Total riding days: 78
Total miles: 5346
Average miles each day: 68.5
Total PB&J sandwiches: 49715492601


  1. Congratulations! We're very proud of you both. Definitely Supercalifragilisticexpealadosius!!!

    Lots of Love
    Aussie Moms xoxo

  2. WOO-HOOOOO!!! How great are these pictures -- suitable for framing. Welcome back, and enjoy your rest (until the next round of wanderlust sets in, that is)!!

  3. Hey! That is fantastic! So when do you turn around and head back home? Hey, give yourselves a few days off at least!

    Love ya,