Monday, February 28, 2011

Heck yea Hecker Pass!!

Day 2: Santa Clara to Moss Landing, Ca - 63.7mi (102.5)

Another day under our belts. I am so pooped. About 40 miles into our ride we had to cross Mount Madonna via Hecker Pass. I felt like I had no energy by the time we got to the beginning but managed to make it to the top with a little help from my hubby (aka my pack mule).

We finally managed to pull into Moss Landing after filling our bellies with some Mexican food. Our gracious hosts Aaron and Annie had towels waiting and a roaring fire. They were great company and have a very cute and playful cat named Iggy.

Can't keep my eyes open one more second...goodnight!


  1. Congratulations! Where are you finding all that energy? Send some this way!
    Lots of love,
    aussie moms xoxo

  2. Exited to met up with you guys in SD in about 10 days!!!! Keep on trucking, but don't overdue it!