Sunday, January 2, 2011

Melbourne's specialties: Coffee & BBQ

Per request I have a few more Melbourne photos for all of our loyal blog followers (hi mom and dad!)

Though most places are still closed for New Years, everyone here takes off about 2 weeks at the start of the year, we have been able to find some delicious coffee shops. Our first favorite was Captains of Industry
We found it down a little laneway and it was super cute and tasty. The best part is you can have a pair of pants made AND get a hot shave while you sip your latte.

After a day of frolicking around the city, we headed to one of Joe's old haunts, "The Lounge" for a beer.
Turns out we are actually closer to home than we thought!
Beautiful birds chirping outside the train station:
At our Aussie wedding BBQ, we got to meet Fiona and her lovely little Louisa :)

Sarah grilled up some dindin,
We are still eating it 3 days later
My first kookaburra sighting. There were kangaroos just down the hill too but the camera couldnt zoom close enough...
Such a happy baby!
We are going to have the luckiest kids in the world! Joe's mum used to sell childrens books and has kept at least one copy of every book she ever sold plus more!!! This isnt even all of them!!

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